About Us

Stephen D. Elliott

Retired from the law practice in 1993, he was self-employed structuring financings and various tax-advantaged products. This included programs involving timeshare resorts in both the Bahamas and The Turks & Caicos Islands.


He founded the first vacation co-operative in Canada in 2014 and the first co-operative engaged in the financing consumer loans to the vacation industry in 2019.


He is one of the founders of SeaPort Asset Management Inc. which has been developing vacation financing products in conjunction with leading resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  SeaPort is now making these products available to Canadians across Canada to participate in the vacation lending business through their RRSP’s.


SeaPort is a large financial services company working with resorts selling vacation memberships to Canadian Clients in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean. It is the mission of SeaPort to provide creative financing solutions for our Clients for a brighter future for them and their families through vacations.


SeaPort provides peace of mind to its Clients so they can enjoy vacations today while protecting their retirement savings.